Mohammed Haddebe

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA – President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa has extended an invitation to the President of the Pan-African Parliament, Rt Hon Chief Fortune Charumbira, to attend the 2024 Presidential Inauguration on June 19th, 2024.

The inauguration marks a significant milestone in South Africa’s history, celebrating “30 Years of Freedom: United in Development”. This event follows the successful conclusion of the 7th democratic elections, which demonstrated the strength of South Africa’s democracy and its commitment to peaceful transitions.

President Ramaphosa expressed his honor and privilege in inviting President Charumbira to participate in this momentous occasion, showcasing South Africa’s resilience and vibrant democracy. The invitation highlights the importance of African unity and cooperation, as embodied by the Pan-African Parliament.

The Presidential Inauguration promises to be a grand celebration, affirming South Africa’s continued journey towards freedom and democracy. President Ramaphosa looks forward to welcoming President Charumbira to South Africa and sharing this momentous occasion with him.

This invitation strengthens the bond between South Africa and the Pan-African Parliament, fostering collaboration and solidarity among African nations. As South Africa enters a new era of freedom and democracy, this event symbolizes the country’s dedication to African unity and progress.