Legislative Arm of African Union to Address Education, Resilience, and Inclusive Learning

Kenneth Haddebe

MIDRAND, SOUTH AFRICA – The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is gearing up for its 3rd Ordinary Session of the Sixth Parliament, scheduled to take place from June 24th to July 5th, 2024. This plenary session will convene under the African Union’s 2024 theme, “Educate an African Fit for the 21st Century: Building Resilient Education Systems for Increased Access to Inclusive, Lifelong, Quality, and Relevant Learning in Africa.”

The session marks a significant milestone as the Continental Parliament celebrates its 20th anniversary. The eleven Permanent Committees of Parliament will also meet during this statutory meeting to discuss various issues affecting the continent.

The official opening ceremony will be held on June 24th, with the closing scheduled for July 5th. The event will bring together Pan-African Parliamentarians, members of national and regional parliaments, government officials, civil society organizations, academia, African Union member states, and the diplomatic corps.

The Pan-African Parliament was established to ensure the full participation of African peoples in the economic development and integration of the continent. The platform allows people from all African states to engage in discussions and decision-making on the challenges facing the continent.

During the session, the plenary will review reports from various committees and make recommendations for harmonized policies and laws for the continent. The Parliament will also receive reports from other AU organs and African institutions.

In accordance with the Rules of Procedure, every African citizen has the right to attend the proceedings of the PAP. This session promises to be a significant event in shaping the future of education and resilience in Africa.

Stay tuned for updates from the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Sixth Parliament of the Pan-African Parliament.