Tendai Guvamombe

Harare, Zimbabwe – The No One Sleeps Hungry (NOSH) organization, led by Medtech Holdings CEO Mr. Afzal Motiwala, has significantly increased its annual aid distribution by 25%. This year, NOSH provided food assistance to over 40,000 families across Zimbabwe during the Eid al-Adha celebrations, also known as the “feast of sacrifice.”

Reaching All Communities in Need

NOSH emphasizes inclusivity, ensuring that its food distribution efforts reach those in need regardless of religious affiliation. This year, the organization surpassed its previous record by slaughtering and distributing 1,500 goats and 1,500 cattle nationwide.

“For years, our mission has been to ensure that no one goes hungry,” stated NOSH spokesperson Gashirai Nyemba. “This year, we aimed to reach over 40,000 families, a significant increase from the 30,000 families we assisted last year.”

Global Partnerships for Local Impact

Mr. Afzal Motiwala, founder of NOSH, expressed his gratitude to the organization’s partners for their crucial role in making this year’s distribution a success.

“We are incredibly grateful to our Turkish partners for their ongoing support in helping us improve lives,” he said. “This collaboration allows us to expand our reach and make a real difference for families in need.”

Beyond Borders: A Commitment to Humanitarian Aid

NOSH’s humanitarian efforts extend beyond Zimbabwe’s borders. The organization operates internationally under the banner of Zimbabwe Relief Aid. Last year, NOSH provided assistance to those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Cyclone Freddy in Malawi.