By Correspondent

Alinial Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe will be the first local Advisory Service Firm in the country to introduce a locally customized School Management ERP System to schools both public and private across the country.

The System offers a wide range of components and applications that brings efficiency, accountability and transparency in the management of the learning institutions as is expected in the 21st Century.

The system is designed to simplify and bring efficiency in the following key areas, enrollment, student data management, time table management, attendance, fees collections, alumnus, human resources, finance management etc . Some of the features in the system include the capacity to capture data, data processing, data analysis among other key essentials.

Speaking to this publication, Alinial Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe, Business Development Manager Mr Last Matema said that Schools in Zimbabwe stands a chance to benefit from the newest locally customized affordable ICT solution to management of the learning institutions.

“We wish to compliment the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in its drive to digitalize the learning institutions in line with the National Development Strategy 1. The current manual school management systems being employed in school exposes our educational sector to decisions based on stale information by stakeholders. With our system live reports and real time data will be the basis for decisions at the schools. Key to note is the accountability of learners where about , as you may know most of the schools are on hot sitting due to infrastructural challenges , and this exposes the students to sexual and drug abuse movements, our system’s attendance module interacts with parents and guardians through SMSs when the child attend and leaves the school premises.”

The School Management ERP System comes at a time when most schools across the country are grappling with challenges of data capturing, data analysis, data storage , Data retrieval among others.
Against this background, Alinial Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe indicated the need for schools to wake up in the context of data capturing and storage on the insurgency of hazardous environment, theft, displacements of documents.

“Data storage is cloud based thus minimizing the risks of data loss due to natural hazardous environments, theft and other unfortunate incidences. The information that is kept on the cloud is always readily available beyond any form of unfortunate incident. “

Mr Matema added that, Alinial Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe is in the process of engaging the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in the rolling out the System for schools.

“We want to start by launching the system at a local school in Harare. As I am speaking we are in the process of engaging Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education so that we may proceed on a full scale across the country,” he added.

The School management system as an advantage to learners in rural areas especially when it comes to accessing academic resources such as textbooks, access to emails and other online content.

The system has the following key advantages,

·Efficiency and transparency in Enrolment and New Application Management
Efficiency and transparency in Billing and fees collection

·Efficiency and transparency in management of School finances
Efficiency and Transparency on Managing Students and Teachers attendants
Efficiency in Management of time tables and schools calendar

.Efficiency in Managing Students information and files and performance reports

.Efficiency and Transparency in Managing can communication with students, parents and other stakeholders including former students