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Zim’s biggest dog spotted in Harare CBD

The biggest dog in Zimbabwe has been found. The unusual dog, named after the biblical giant Goliath  was spotted in the streets of Harare Central Business District (CBD) over the weekend.

The crowd came to a stand still when Goliath was released from a blue Toyota Fortuner along Kwame Nkruma and Kaguvi Street, close to former Newsday offices.

Giant Goliath spotted in Harare CBD

At first people dispersed up on meeting the giant Goliath and later realised that he was a harmless beast. 

People could be seen hanging around with him, taking pictures and rubbing shoulders.

The smallest dog on earth is grown in age

Goliath was in the company of a small giant, termed ‘the smallest dog in the world’.

Goliath and smallest dog on earth are living a lavish lifestyle as they could be seen chatting with their Master in the Toyota Fortuner.

Wellington Saungweme, their Master is the man who has a track of record for training dogs across the globe. He has travelled across the Globe as a dog specialist.

Saungweme interacting with one of his favourite dogs

Last weekend, he chose to spend the whole day in the company of Giant Goliath and the other two.

Zim’s biggest dog spotted in Harare CBD