Senior Court Reporter

In a media report, Ken Sharpe’s right handman, Michael Van Blerk is quoted blaming Harare City Council for their own failure to complete Airport Road Construction. This is despite the fact that Sharpe’s Augur Investments received the contract without tender.

As it stands, Sharpe through Augur Investments and other shadow companies are facing a pool of litigations, all emanating from the Airport Road Scandal.

This time around, Michael John Van Blerk, former Managing Director of Augur Investments is also quoted refuting the fact that, they received vast tacks of land in Harare as payment for the work they never performed.

As the litigations continue, Ken Sharpe’s camp is now resorting to mount the blame towards City of Harare’s failures.

Van Blerk labels it as an “operational incompetence” of the Harare City Council for Augur’s failure to complete the road as reflected by the contract.

In the same instance, Van Blerk failed to explain that Augur Investments was dragged to court for failing to deliver work on the Airport Road Construction.
According to Court Papers, the charges were scraped at the instigation of Local Government Minister through a Deed of Settlement.

Currently a number of concerned parties are challenging the legality of the Deed of Settlement that is now standing as a protective shield for Ken Sharpe against any form of arrest regarding land corruption in Harare.

Van Blerk made the sentiments during Biti’s Trial were he is being accused of assaulting Tatiana Aleshina, a close aide of Kenneth Sharpe