By Correspondent

SA based Prophet, Tonny Chikomo of the Bright Light Prophetic Deliverance Ministries, has launched a direct attack on Prophet Passion Java saying he is a spiritual terrorist leading followers to hell.

According to Chikomo, following Passion is just good as watching pornography in what he labelled as dirty Prophecy.

“Passion Java is a spiritual terrorist. Following him hazvina kusiyana nekuona porn. Kana chiporofita chadai chakusemesa, uye chakunyadzisa”

He also attacked Java over his recent hair style alleging that he is leading people astray.

  “You feel ashamed to be called a prophet because of people like Passion Java, infact you feel like you are naked.  Tambo dze pramastove dziri mumusoro ma Passion Java then akunomira on the pulpit trying to Preach the Gospel. The definition of pulpit is Pulling from the pit,, but at this point passion if pulling no one from the pit rather he is leading his followers to the pit of hell,, he very soon the world is going to blue tick  him, it’s high time I can see his fasted down fall.”

He will be having a Crusade at unit N extension Chitungwiza from 11 to 13 November 2022.