By Correspondent

The South African based ProphetTonny Chikomo, has become the first Christian Leader to denounce  Chief Makoni Cogan Gwasira. He denounces Makoni for  stealing Sydney Makava’s wife in Rusape.

Patience Makuwe(20yr) was married to Sydney Makava for two(2) years. Chief Makoni is being accused of engineering what turned out to be a nasty divorce.

Prophet Tonny Chikomo

According to Prophet Tonny Chikomo, the unruly acts done by the Chief shows that the society is no longer safe being in the hands of Gwasira.

“As for the chief to act in such a way the community is not safe at all. We do not deny if the Chief want to have so many wives traditionally they are allowed, but snatching someone’s wife it’s now another level of scandals which should be avoided with anyone else in the society, we renounce this act with cost which it deserves.”

The self styled Prophet has called upon the Chief to humble himself and ask for forgiveness.

” I want to humbly ask the chief to repent and apologize,, we can not suntise wrong when it is happening.”

The Prophet takes the biblical approaches where prophets like Isaiah used to denounce Kings whenever they transgresses against the Lord.