By Senior Court  Reporter

State Prosecutor, Michael Reza has send a harsh warning to Court Reporters writing stories that exposes Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, a fraudster and controversial businessman at the centre of land Corruption in Harare.

Reza made the utterances recently during the proceedings of  Tendai Biti’s Trial. Reza is the State Prosecutor in which Biti is being accused of assaulting Tatiana Aleshina, one of Ken Sharpe’s top aides.

During the trial, Biti exposed Kenneth Sharpe, Tatiana Aleshina and the unpopular Deed of Settlement in massive land heist that saw Harare loosing prime land.

Biti went on to unearth the Augur Investments’ deeds in the context of Airport Road Saga and multiple litigations filed against Sharpe’s companies.

The evidence presented went on to arouse Reza who went ballistic in attacking local media. He alleged  that Biti was after attention of the Media.

“Your Worship the accused person is giving irrelevant evidence for someone’s attention, because we have Reporters here so that they can write about this document.”

Reza went on to issue a provocative warning against any media house that would misquote him during Biti trial. 

“I am going to see the Editor of that Newspaper, therefore the accused person can’t take this Court for granted.”