By Court Correspondent

During court proceedings, prominent Lawyer, Tendai Biti exposed Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s shadow company known as Augur Investments together with Tatiana Aleshina, one of the top aides for Sharpe in spearheading Land deals in Harare.

Biti is being accused of assaulting Tatiana Aleshina, a case that has opened a can of worms in all matters revolving around illegal land transfers that took place between Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s non existent companies and the City of Harare.

This came out while giving his evidence during court proceedings. Augur Investments is the same Company currently facing a number of litigation emanating from the Airport Scandal.

In his brief summary, Biti revealed how Augur Investments was formed at the back of controversy, revolving around land Corruption in Harare.

He demystified the myth that Aleshina did not create Augur Investments when in actual fact she was instrumental in it’s formation.

“I advise the Court Your Worship, that Aurgur Investments was created by the complainant herself and the complainant advised the state she is the one who at a Christmas party in 2006 met with Sekesai Makwavarara in order to execute the deal.”

He went on to elaborate on how Aleshina misrepresented Augur’s Country of operation, where she contradicted herself by alluding that the company was established in Estonia and later told Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) that it was based in Ukraine.

Ken Sharpe, Controversial Businessman

“Aurgur Investments is a company established in Estonia but she contradicted herself now while giving statement to ZACC by saying the company is based in Ukraine.This investigation find out that this company is not in Estonia, this is a creation.The complainant created this fiction called Aurgur Investments masquendering as a foreign investor.The evidence from the investigators it is clear that Aurgur Investments shelf company and was created by Mr Sheremet to smuggle and the complainant in the country.Your Worship let deal with paragraph 6 , the complainant herself Tatiana Aleshina is the owner and is representing Aurgur Investments as we speak.”

State Prosecutor, Michael Reza tried to derail Biti’s submissions of evidence, alleging that he was after Media attention. Reza also launched a direct attack on Court Reporters as he threated to pay a visit to one of the Editors in the local newsrooms.

“Your Worship the accused person is giving irrelevant evidence for someone’s attention, because we have Reporters here so that they can write about this document am going to see the Editor of that Newspaper, therefore the accused person can’t take this Court for granted.”

In the rest of the proceedings, Biti narrated how Augur Investments is currently suffering major blows from a number of court battles . These emanate from Airport Road Scandal where the company was awarded the road construction without going to tender and subsequently followed by syphoning vast tracks of land for not delivering. Allan Norman Markham, Jacob Pikicha and Tavonga Servings are some of the parties suing Augur Investments.

“Aurgur Investments has been sued by a number of parties and citizens which includes Allan Norman Markham, Jacob Pikicha and Tavonga servings, Tatiana Aleshina is the responded in all these cases. Tatiana Aleshina is the principal Officer of Aurgur Investments therefore Michael Reza must shut up.”

Tatiana is part of Kenneth Sharpe’s Empire where Augur Investments gave birth to a number shoddy companies that have been instrumental to advance land Corruption.

Tatiana Aleshina, Kenneth Sharpe’s top aide

These include Doorex Private Limited, West Properties, Pokugara Properties and Millennium Heights where Aleshina is at the key of operations.

Aurgur Investments now owns a lot of shoddy companies which includes, Doorex Private Limited, West Properties, Pokugara Properties and Millennium Heights which are being frontend by the complainant herself Tatiana Aleshina.The complainant herself is a fraudster who is fronting these shoddy companies to still from Zimbabweans.

Your Worship with someone who’s so powerful to bent the laws of Zimbabwe in this capricious manner she can jail anyone anytime.Tatiana Aleshina connived together with Michael Mahachi to appoint a caretaker Council in order to sign this deal.”
“Without even due process and feasibility study the complainant was given thee contracts, she’s so powerful.Aurgur never brought any construction equipment to the site even someone who wants to construct a shalet in Murehwa or Dotito you can see that there’s something happening.Anyone like Tatiana who can break Zimbabwe’s laws like this can do anything to anyone Your Worship.Aurgur Investments executed Zimbabwean investment without due diligence.

The deal was supposed to be executed by a full council meeting led by Mayor, but in this case it executed by a shoddy caretaker Council led by Michael Mahachi.”

Tatiana Aleshina is described as a fraudster who captured Council Officials in the likes of Michael Mahachi who was leading a Care Taker Council that facilitated land transfers in cahoots with Aleshina.

“This breach was basically a plethora, blatant .The other thing which worries me is that hectares of land has been transferred and during the transfer Lawyers or anyone authorised can jury authorize the purchaser of these shelf companies.This is clearly fraud Your Worship, it concerned me because am a law officer.

The land ought to be illegally transferred to Aurgur Investments by City of Harare to several shelf companies the fiscal was predudiced.Your Worship if you can deal with kind of a person who can do this!The price which was used was US$3.50 per Acre, even in Rural area you can’t buy with that price your Worship.Panalope of fraud, corruption engineered by the complainant, so the question is if someone is capable of capturing anyone like this noone is safe your Worship.”

Biti exposed Aleshina’s deals in the City of Harare land audit of 2010, Investigation report concerning the caretaker Council and the unpopular Deed of Settlement that led to the withdrawal of fraud charges against Michael Van Blerk.