By Correspondent

Taurayi Kandishaya has expressed excitement at the way people are now believing in the existence of economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the Western Countries.

Kandishaya is among the few people who launched anti sanctions demo at a time when it sounded awkward to do so. This time around Churches, communities, individuals have joined the Government and SADC in calling for the removal of sanctions imposed on the country.

Speaking to media in Harare on the sidelines of Anti Sanctions Day, Kandishaya said at first people were failing to understand the role of sanctions in undermining the course of national development. At this point people are beginning to appreciate how they are affecting all aspects of life.

“At first people were silent on the issue of sanctions because the West had demystify them saying they are sanctions yet they are illegal sanctions. People were made to believe that there is nothing called sanctions where others were pointing towards issues around corruption yet sanctions are real. So we lobbied to various groups and coporates to say our main enemy is sanctions which are the main reason for Zimbabwe’s economic hardships. Sanctions are an attack on black emancipation and economic development. People are now appreciating that sanctions are real and are impacting every sector of the economy.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday various local artists are set to perform live at the Anti Sanctions Gala that will take place in Chitungwiza.