By Senior Reporter

The Airport Road Scandal is the worst corruption deed that exposed Government Officials, City of Harare and Kenneth Raydon Sharpe. The Saga recently  culminated into a pool of litigation, a scenario that has send Sharpe in a panic mode.

Amid all this, the controversial businessman continues to be the main actor in a series of litigation emanating from the Airport Road Scandal.

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, Controversial Businessman

The truth of the matter still remains. Sharpe’s Augur Investments received large tracks of land in Greater Harare for the construction of Harare Airport Road that never materialised.

Fairclot the company that had been contracted by Augur Investments to construct the Airport Road, suspended the operations over payment issues.

The company has since approached the High Court to stop Kenneth Sharpe from selling residential stands until Augur Investments settles the long standing debts.

Court records obtained by this publication revealed that there is active litigation against Augur Investments and shelf companies that are allegedly linked to Sharpe’s firm over the Pomona land.

Tatiana Aleshina, one of Ken Sharpe’s top aide, entering Rotten Raw Court, escorted by a Legal Officer

Amid all this, West Properties, one of the companies owned by Sharpe, recently came out guns blazing against the local media for unearthing Airport Road Scandal. 

The media also unearthed how the Minister of Local Government July Moyo protected Kern Sharp through a DEED of Settlement, a form of immunity against prosecution over all forms of land Corruption in Harare.

Meanwhile, dozen applications challenging the transfer of vast tracts of land in a prime Harare residential area to Augur Investments continue to overwhelm local courts.