Police will be reported to relevant authorities after threatening to arrest a key witness in matters that are pending before anti Corruption Courts, amid citations of obstruction of course of justice.

Roy Nyabvure an official with City of Harare is a Key Witness in a matter where Pokugara Properties’ s Managing Director Michael Van Blerk is being accused of presenting lies that Georges Katsimberis constructed a Show House in Borrowdale without approved plans when in actual fact he had all the necessary documentations from the City of Harare.

The latest development has seen the Zimbabwe Republic Police inviting Roy Nyabvure to present himself at a local police station under unclear circumstances.

A letter dated 10 October 2022 with the reference: “State Vs Roy Nyabvure “, the Law Enforcement invited Nyabvure to present himself before Assistant Inspector Bota.

Roy Nyabvure through his Legal Counsel, Mutumbwa Mugabe and Partners, has vowed to make a report which will be presented to all relevant authorities.

The following is Roy Nyabvure’s letter to Police

“We are astonished that you have confirmed that you want to arrest a state witnesses at the instance of associates of acused persons over our client’s testimony in matters which are pending in the Anti- Corruption Courts at the Magistrates Courts.

It is our belief that your actions are a brozen interference with a State Witness which requires investigations by an independent arm at the Police such as PACU/ the Anti- Corruption Commission ZACC. Accordingly we shall be advising our client to make a report to those agencies. Because of your association with associates of the acused person in the matters in which our client is giving testimony, he is not comfortable and does not feel comfortable to attend before you.

We note that your letters says you are inviting our client so that you arrest him. This means that you have already concluded that he has committed an offense. Arrest or threatening with an arrest who is on the stand who is on the stand for his testimony is an offense of abstraction or defeating the course of justice.”