By Staff Correspondent

Senior Politicians, religious leaders and believers last week converged at Madzibaba Tyregy Chigadzira’s shrine at Palm Tree in Chiredzi. This became the largest religious gathering in the South-East of the country.

The momentous occasion championed a unity of purpose among believers in a manner that  enhanced christian way of living, celebration of spiritual gifts and interception of holy blessings.

In attendance were Senior officials of the Ruling Party who graced the occasion. These include Provincial Chairperson Mavhenyengwa. Honarable Member of Parliament Musikavanhu, and Zanu PF DCC Siyaki.

On the other hand, the religious occasion was also attended religious giants in the Masowe eChishanu fraternity. These include Madzibaba Moses from Gwanzura Highfield, Baba Reginai Masvingo and Baba Garai from Zimuto Masvingo.

It is nolonger a secret that Madzibaba Tyregy Chigadzira, born Wilfred Hunana is now a champion of religious tourism in Chiredzi. He has managed to set up a strong Christian base with more than 15 branches spread across communities.

The occasion to bless believers took place in three consecutive days which are rightfully translated in Shona language as ‘Mazuva Matatu’.

In an interview with Spotlight Correspondent, Madzibaba Chigadzira confirmed the occasion as the most attended religious event in Chiredzi.

“I can confirm that this was the biggest religious gathering in Chiredzi. This was attended by senior politicians and esteemed religious leaders from Masowe eChishanu. Both believers and none-belivers converged at Palm Tree and they were blessed to meet famous prophets like Baba Moze from Gwanzura in Highfield, Baba Reginai from Masvingo and Baba Garai from Zimuto in Masvingo.”