Spotlight Correspondent

Harare:The legal battle will soon get nasty for Kenneth Sharpe, a controversial land developer and self exiled land baron who defrauded his former partner George Katsimberis. The latest development has seen Katsimberis pushing for private prosecution which is expected to commence soon.

Court documents has revealed.

According to legal documents accessed by this publication, Katsimberis through his lawyers Warara and Associates, applied for private prosecution to the Prosecutor General on the 26th July 2022 to be granted private prosecution on Kenneth Sharpe’s Case.

The documents reveals that the office of the Prosecutor General acknowledged receiving the application and has since affirmed it’s procession.

“We make reference to our letter of 26 July 2022 which was received at your officers on 27 July 2022 but has not been replied.

Ken Sharpe the man who has faced numerous cases of land corruption in Harare

“Please be advised that our client wants this issue to be dealt with without further delays because it has delayed for a long time” reads Warara and Associates letter to the Prosecutor General.

In its response, the Acting Deputy Prosecutor General J Uladi wrote back to Warara informing Katsimberis that the docket against Sharpe was now in his possession.

“We advise that it took time for the relevant police station to submit the docket. However it was recently submitted,” said Uladi.

Sharpe  fraudulently pulled out of a joint venture agreement with Katsimberis prejudicing the latter of more than US$1 Million which he had invested to develop Pokugara Estate which is at the corner of Teviotdale and Whitwell Road in Borrowdale West.