Zimbabwe: The Small to Medium Millers Association president David Muhambi has been embroiled in grain scandal after allegedly converting 600 tonnes of maize to his personal use, it has emerged.

The maize were being stored at Grain Marketing Board Nkulumani branch.

Close sources at the GMB said Muhambi is now paying back the grain.

“We gave him about 600 tonnes and he converted the maize into his personal use. After being cornered Muhambi negotiated to pay back in installments,” the source said.

When contacted for comment, Muhambi went amok and threatened to sue.

“Who told you about that scandal. Who is sponsoring this? Its just allegations being peddled by enemies. I know the person who is resurrecting the issue, I am going to take him to the cleaners,” Muhambi said.

Sometime back, Muhambi was accused of diverting roller meal meant for government’s subsidy program to the black market.

The unscrupulous businessman owns the United Milling Company in Bulawayo and was part of the subsidy programs.

After accessing the mealie meal from the Grain Marketing Board on behalf of local shop owners, Muhambi allegedly failed to supply them.

The total cost of the prejudice was $300 000.

Agriculture minister Anxious Masuka said Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission will soon descend on unscrupulous millers who are sabotaging government programs.

“As you have noticed, the anti-corruption body has descended on parastatals such as Cottco, TIMB and others, soon millers will be in for it,” he said.