By Correspondent

BG, a Zimbabwean local artist has expressed his love to take  Hip-hop music to another height. He believes that Hip-hop will never die.

The genre has encountered a massive come back following the dominance of the fading Urban groove and Zim-Dancehall.

Speaking to Spotlight Global News,  Brian Godobo aka BG said Hip-hop will stay for ever.

BG doing works in the Studio

“We are born Hip-hop, will leave in it and die in it.”

The Hip-hop chanter is also a music producer. He is currently producing tracks for upcoming artists to keep momentum of the music genre.

“We are now supporting young artists like Kapon D and Blanga.”

BG source of inspiration comes from the ghetto where his carrier evolved.

His track titled “Skiri” was nominated  for the National Hip-hop Awards 2016. The track is still making it in the local airwaves.

“Highfield Story” featuring Take 5, “Zino Irema” featuring Father Paris and “Uprising” featuring Jack Mapanga are some of BG’s best tracks