By Correspondent

The revered traditional healer, Dr Sekuru Kamwelo Banda is willing to assist the family of the Late Pangolin to remove the “items”, as per burial institutions given to the family members in a leaked written note.

This has also seen Dr. Banda dismissing any form of association with the late Ximex killer saying his area of work does not subscribe to “kurombesa”. 

In a statement he said, “I want to categorically state that I do not know Murengwa and I do not remember him coming to my shrine.

I wish to also state that the Murengwa family or any of his associates have not contacted me for assistance. Should they call, I am willing to offer my assistance, but let it be known that my work does not involve ‘kurombesa.”

The Late Boss Pangoli

Apart from this, Dr. Banda has also urged young people to work  hard and desist from earning a living from “witchcraft” acts that are usually met with consequences.

“While I acknowledge that there are people who seek quick means of getting rich, I discourage anyone including our youths from taking such a route.Young people should work hard and avoid falling into the trap of going the kuromba route. It has dire consequences and must never be an option. Our economy may not be performing well right now but let’s all be patient with time.”