By Tendai Guvamombe

Zimbabwe’s largest Apostolic Church celebrates 37th Anniversary in style

St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World has turned 37. The celebrations to mark the anniversary, took place on the 24th July 2022 in the Harare. Representatives of the indigenous Christian movement came from different parts of the Globe as they converged for what turned out to be classic commemorations.

The Christian Movement is now the centre of epitome for religious excellence in the country, depicting the resemblance of an African Indigenous Church that evolved from the heavenly nature based calling.

Dr. Bishop Maume addressing congregants at St John Apostolic Church 37th Anniversary in Budiriro

Dr. Bishop Sydney Mabhiza, “The Great Messanger” is the man who has stirred the “St John” ship from the wilderness journey, cruising across high seas in the past 37 years.

The celebrations held on Saturday in Budiriro, where held in style, an event that resembled some essence of religious tourism.

The religious setting, would make one doubt that St John is an indigenous church, because of the level of organization displayed in almost every aspect.

The red carpet presented a marveling posture. Dr. Bishop Maume, Reverend Chasinga and Arch Bishop Chikurumani are some of the high level Christian delegates that graced the momentous occasion.

Bible shaped cake labelled St John Apostolic Church 37th Anniversary

“We are gathered to reflect on the momentous journey which St John led us through good and hardships for the past 37 years, that alone is very important and there is every reason to rejoice and stay grateful,” says Dr. Bishop Maume, one of the most revered Christian leaders in Zimbabwe.

Among the notable achievements the church has made, include creating a platform for the healing of the afflicted, spiritual presence in the form of holy spirit, infrastructural , interceeding on behalf of the country, fostering religious integration among other religious interventions.

Dr. Mabhiza as they affectionately call him St John has been instrumental in offering future guidance and some of these are a living testimony today. He is acknowledged for alerting that COVID-19 Pandemic was to find it’s way to Africa at a time when the pandemic was still in China and this inevitably came to pass.

St John Apostolic Church Followers at the 37th Anniversary recently in Budiriro

Apart from this he also warned Comby operators to consider investing in other modes of business. This came to pass as the government issued a Structural Instrument(SI), prohibiting private transport players in the cities.

The anniversary became a showcased opportunity for congregants to reflect on the impetus and amazing journey St John has taken them.

The church has done tremendously well in achieving gender balance in church matters and sustainable development. Women are promoted to better positions of leadership and entrepreneurship projects.

“As St John, we are delighted to have the capacity to create platforms ideal for women emancipation to positions of leadership. We are also prioritizing them in our current projects in Chiredzi and other areas of sustainable development,” reiterated Dr. Mabhiza.

Beautiful cakes branded St John Apostolic Church 37th Anniversary

St John is the only indigenous church to introduce a system of government that operates in the manner of cabinet ministers. Each thematic area has it’s own specified task and institutional arrangement that feeds into the polices of the main body of leadership.

Dr. Bishop Sydney Mabhiza is also the reigning President of the Federation of Indigenous Churches in Zimbabwe(FICZ), a religious organization whose mandate speaks to religious integration in the country.

Meanwhile, the Celebrations are spanning across the globe to more than 53 branches across the world.