By Court Reporter

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s Pokugara Properties is now in a desperate bid to justify its crude actions in demolishing a show house belonging to George Katsimberis, a land developer, knowing that he was entitled to possess, own and control it.

On Fiday, Pokugara Properties through it’s Defense Counsel, Tawanda Zhuwarara failed to argue the matter in a way that would support Pokugara baseless lies.

The cross examination carried out on Friday revealed that Katsimberis is the owner of the Show House which was demolished by Pokugara Properties. The Joint Venture Company between George Katsimberis and Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is the basis upon Katsimberis’ entitlement to the property that was maliciously demolished.

Katsimberis refuted the claims made by Pokugara’s defense counsel that the Joint Venture Company never existed, he was not the complainant in the matter and claims that there was no court interdict to stop the demolition.

The show house was built on stand number 19559 of 19828 on Harare Township Teviotdale and Whitwell in Borowdale.

Pokugara Properties former MD, Michael Van Blerk(Left) leaves Rotten Raw Court with Pokugara Legal Adviser(Right)

The following is an extract from the conversation between Pokugara Defense Counsel, Tawanda Zhuwarara and State Witness George Katsimberis during Cross Examination.

Tawanda Zhuwarara: Confirm that you are not the complainant in this matter?

George Katsimberis: I am a complainant in this matter representing my company Coolfitch Investments that own 50 percent shares to the Joint Venture Company.

Tawanda Zhuwarara: Can you confirm that the Joint Venture Company(JVC) was never established?

George Katsimberis: The Joint Venture Company was established between myself and Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

Tawanda Zhuwarara: What was the name of the Joint Venture Company?

George Katsimberis: The name of the Joint Venture Company is called Pokugara Eco Friendly Private Limited.

Tawanda Zhuwarara: Can you confirm that the House was built in contemplation of the Joint Venture Agreement?”

Front view of Harare Provincial Magistrates Court(Rotten Row)

George Katsimberis: This is a complete lie, there was no contemplation. The show house was built as part of my obligation to the Joint Venture Company.

Tawanda Zhuwara: The agreement does not show that you are a part to the agreement, are you a company?

George Katsimberis: The agreement was entered between myself and Kenneth Raydon Sharpe. I represent Coolfitch Investments that has 50 percent shareholding to the Joint Venture Company

Tawanda Zhuwarara: Confirm that there was no court application made to stop the demolition from taking place?

George Katsimberis: After receiving the notice of demolition I filed an application seeking a High Court Interdict to stop the demolition of the Show House.

On the acused bench was, Michael John Van Blerk representing Pokugara Properties together with Mandla Marlone Ndebele, Isaiah Zvenyika Chawatama and Samuel Nyabezi facing same charges on the malicious dam age to property.

The State was represented by prosecutor, Zivanai Macharaga from the Special Anti Corruption Unit, while Katsimberis appeared as the State Witness.