By Correspondent

Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC), Spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere has lamented at the way their members are being treated at local courts. She said the courts are some of the state institutions being used to persecute CCC members.

The CCC Spokesperson made the statement during a Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, Press Discussion on Electoral Reforms in Zimbabwe held in the Capital on Tuesday. The engagement was expected to be also attended by representatives from Zanu Pf and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

According to Mahere, the courts are setting aside some cases such as the drug abuse to prioritize those to do with Citizens Coalition for Change.

“Go to the Rotten Row Courts today, it’s all about Job Sikhala, Cecilia Chimhini, Tendai Biti, Joana Mamombe and many other CCC members. All other matters such as drug abuse are being set aside to only deal with CCC members. This is not fair and this shows that the political level field in biased.”

Journalists at the ZUJ Press Club

Speaking during the the same engagement, Mahere launched a direct attack on the State Broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation(ZBC) for not airing programmes on voter education.

“ZBC is not introducing programmes that teaches people on voter education. The citizens should be receive such programmes because they are entitled to pay radio/television licences. “