By Correspondent

Ishe Chigadzira, also known as Madzibaba Tyregy  , a Johanne Masowe eChishanu prophet based in Chiredzi  has hinted that religious integration is the way to go for Zimbabwe’s economic prosperity.

He revealed this at the launch of Council of Churches in Africa  Harare Chapter held in Budiriro over the weekend. Heads of Indigenous apostolic churches attended the occasion.

He reiterated that all churches in the country has a role to play for the development and economic prosperity of the country. This can only be achieved through religious integration signalling unity of purpose.

“As church leaders we have a role to play for the development and economic prosperity of our great nation. It is us who should intercede on behalf of our leaders to find devine favour from above so that they lead with power. This can only happen when we as church leaders unite together for a common purpose of praying for our country. As indigenous church leaders we believe in supporting the existing government and it is in line with this view that we continue to pray our leadership to take us to prosperity.”

The soft spoken prophet was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of Churches Council in Africa(ACC) held over the weekend in Harare.

He hailed the formation of CCI saying that it provided a platform for indigenous churches to walk the talk on various aspects of development in the country under the banner of religious integration.

“I would like to thank CCI for initiating such a good platform for indigenous churches to explore various issues of development ranging from religious integration, ending child marriages and calling for the end of harmful practices such as drug abuse among other issues.”

Born Wilfred Hunana, Madzibaba Tyregy Chigadzira has over the years thriving hard to light up the town of Chiredzi. His personality and coupled with his area of influence gripped the attention of famous celebrities such as the late Soul Jah Love, Stunner, Uncle Epaton, Carlos Green, Trymore Bande and many more.

His name became more prominent following his kind heart in assisting the afflicted, sick and those with spiritual problems coming from as far as South Africa and Europe.

His sanctuary place located at Palm Tree in Chiredzi is turning into a hub for religious tourism as the place is identified by a huge crowd on Sundays.