By Staff Reporter

St John Apostolic church Sound Engineers, setting up the PA System at the launch of CCA Harare Chapter

Council for Churches in Africa, a regional religious body on Saturday launched Harare Chapter. This follows the great launch held in Bulawayo early this year, signalling the birth of CCA.

Indigenous churches comprising of Zionist and Apostolic Christian movements converged in Budiriro at Madzibaba Enoch of Johnne Masowe (Nguwo tsvuku) shrine.

This became a largest gathering for various apostolic denominations to celebrate  launch of CCA at provincial level in style.

ACC President Roki Moyo walking on red carpet surrounded by delegates

The visionary and President of CCA, Reverend Roki Moyo was the guest of honour. His message before a great audience was clear on religious integration and enhancement of religious principles against harmful acts such as child marriages, drug abuse, rape among other contentious issues.

“We are a regional religious body, thriving on achieving religious integration. Following CCA launch held in Bulawayo we are now launching it around all provinces of Zimbabwe. Harare Chapter has been launched today.”

“Part of our mandate is to achieve religious integration, ending child marriages, ending harmful practices such as drug abuse and many issues.”

Jekenisheni Apostolic Church on the dance floor with drums

According to Moyo, CCA is growing fast more than what was anticipated. The body as already unleashed a number of developmental programmes in the areas of education, health and agriculture.

“CCA has been growing fast more than the way we were expecting. We are now spreading across provinces.”

“We work with local organizations on various engagements of development. We started on a high note. We are building hospitals, clinics, schools. We also aim to create employment in all these development programmes. We have a lot of activities taking place in the agricultural sector.”

Madzibaba Enoch and Wife addressing scores of gathering

Federation of Indigenous Churches of Zimbabwe,  another religious body also graced the occasion.

Also in attendance were various leaders representing their respective standing religious outfits.

Madzibaba Enoch, successor of the late Mutumwa Micho was chilled in mere white garments, reassembling the ideal character of a host figure.

FICZ President Arch-Bishop Dr. Sydney Mabhiza(White garments) is welcomed by FICZ Secretary General Rev Mathias Tsine

On the other hand, Bishop Lamech Chitope CCA Vice President’s speech engulfed the audience.

St John Apostolic Church, Bishop Mabhiza was the most composed, clad in a unique white curved color garment. This is the church leader of revered gospel artiste “Aka” Mambo Dhuterere.

Mambo Dhuterere performing live at the launch of Churches for Council in Africa

Mambo Dhuterere’s live performance at the scene inevitably send a message of religious integration. This was more hilarious to the extent of gripping the attention of Budiriro residents who joined proceedings of the day from a mere distance.

A unity of purpose was shown with a marvelling gospel performance displayed by Vabati VaJehova.