Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

Mberengwa – Local Businessman Samson Ncube has encouraged fellow business people and general citizens to invest in their rural areas to transform the places into modern settlements with good road networks, mobile network services and medical facilities.

Mr Ncube, who hails from Mberengwa South Constituency has so far poured financial resources to fund local developmental programs like the construction of clinics, rehabilitation of school infrastructure and the maintenance of dams in his rural home to improve the lives of the people.

Speaking to this publication, Mr Ncube said the desire to see the development of his rural home is what drives him to invest most of his earnings into Mberengwa South Constituency.

“I grew up in Mberengwa and back then we would travel for several kilometers to access a clinic, school or a borehole. Now that I run successful business enterprises, I take it upon myself to invest much of my earnings to my rural area so that people will not travel long distances for clinics and schools.

“If each one of us invests back, we will see development in rural areas and everyone’s life will improve, “ said Ncube.

In the past two years, Ncube has provided financial support for various community projects in the Constituency. Among them are the construction of the Mundi Dip Tank which will see villages in the surrounding areas benefiting. Elfanos Dube who is presiding over the construction of the dip tank said the structure will save villagers in the surrounding area from traveling long distances to get their cattle dipped.

“We were traveling a distance of about 10km to another dip tank. This saw most of our cattle dying from ticks because a lot of villagers in our community are old and cannot walk that long. So this dip tank will save over 1700 cattle in surrounding areas that were no longer being sent to the dip due to distance, “ said Dube.

Ncube is also providing support for the construction of clinics at Machingwe and Guvamutangwi. Upon their completion, the clinics will save villagers in surrounding areas from traveling long distances for medical assistance. Villagers in Machingwe told the reporter that they are currently traveling for 20km to access Chigato clinic which is very far. Those who reside near Guvamutangwi said they travel a long distance to access a medical facility at Muketi and Mutekwa. These problems will be solved once the clinics are constructed.

“We are very grateful for the hand that Mr Ncube is extending to us. It will help us to access medical facilities easily since they will be constructed near us, “said Conelius Moyo from Machingwe.

There are also 2 schools, Sviba and Kwava Primary Schools that are being assisted to refurbish their buildings that were destroyed this year following excessive rains that were experienced in the area this year.

The Senior Master of Kwava Primary School Kudakwashe Shoko said Ncube is providing building materials to re-construct the classroom block to standard. Moses Singo from Sviba Primary School said the re-construction of their classroom blocks is nearing completion. “We would like to express our heart-felt gratitude to Cde Ncube for his assistance. We hope to see many people emulating his good works of developing this community, “said Singo.

Mberengwa South is a community in agricultural region 5 which receives low rainfall. As such, the areas depends on irrigation for farming activities to prosper. To expedite local farmers, Mr Ncube has provided financial support for the resuscitation of 2 Dams in Muketi Village. These dams are being used for irrigation purposes by local families. For instance, Chinhumba 2 irrigation now has over 100 families benefiting from farm produce coming from their gardens.

Ncube is a businessman with interests in gold mining, construction and land development.