Senior Court Reporter

Former Pokugara Properties Managing Director Michael John Van Blerk revealed that charges levelled against Property Developer George Katsimberis,  was a counter response to a number of legal proceedings.

His responses during court proceedings went a long way in exposing himself and former employer.

The fraud charges levelled against Katsimberis emanates from a botched joint venture agreement that he entered with Pokugara Properties owner, Kenneth Sharpe.

Van Blerk made the revelations during a cross examination by Katsimberis’ lawyer Tawanda Kanengoni.

In his own words, Van Blerk said Pokugara Properties levelled fraud allegations against Katsimberis as a counter. In fact it was a mere retaliation to a number of complaints made against himself and former employer.

“The accused has made a number of complaints against Pokugara, against myself and a number of situations have occurred. I have been thrown in jail three(3) times, I have been bullied, I have been threatened all as a matter in my humble opinion as method of making me to change my views of the facts that occurred.”

This was after Kanengoni(Lawyer) had asked him about the events that took place after November 2018. Pokugara Properties wrote a letter nullifying a joint venture agreement during the same period.

“So this is a retaliation?” Kanengoni directed the question to Van Blerk who could not deny.

“Yes and I may state it is not the State in the Prosecutor General that is prosecuting me, it is an entity called SACU which has nothing to do with the Prosecutor General which the accused has some allies in,” Van Blerk responded.

On another note Michael John Van Blerk also alleges that Pokugara Properties did not suffer any prejudice from Katsimberis as alleged.

“Counsel there was a time we were at risk but it didn’t materialise, the company thought that the accused person might register the property in his name, under the agreement Pokugara didn’t lose it’s land worth US$883.723.”

“My former boss didn’t say Pokugara Properties suffered a $883.728 prejudice but it was the State that said so, as Pokugara Properties we never suffered any prejudice but according to our accountants there was a potential predijuce at the time”, said Van Blerk