Ecoz parliament dialogue on inclusive education


By Tendai Guvamombe

ECOZ has engaged Zimbabwean parliamentarians to dialogue along issues of inclusive education for girls in schools.

The engagement was held last week with the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Primary and Secondary Education. This was viewed as an eye opener in addressing matters that affect the education of girls in schools.

One of the burning issue that become topical was the mechanisms put in place to allow reinvigorate female drop outs who may have faced rape, pregnancy economic hardships and among other circumstances.

Speaking to this publication,  Portfolio Committee Member on Primary and Secondary Education and Member of Parliament for Guruve North, Girovah Dzepasi said the engagement was an opener and strengthened the works of Parliamentarians on inclusive education.

“The engagement is very educative. It brings issues  that were hidden especially matters of inclusive education for girls who might be facing a lot of circumstances.  The information we have obtained from this engagement empowers us whenever we debate these issues and  disseminating information  on the ground in our respective constituencies. Parliament has a grip with regards to engaging the real people at constituency level.”

The parliamentarian added that legislators are now expected to address the matters from grass roots levels. For examples the majority of girls being affected by various factors from attending schools are from marginalized communities and rural areas.

“The continuation of the engagement comes as a an eye opener to our rural folks and the less privileged because will be now arware of their rights and space.There are a lot of people who have been left out in various programmes such as inclusive education, issuance of sanitary wear, free education among others.”

ECOZI is now expected to engage the Ministry responsible for Primary and Secondary Education . This will allow a developmental course to take place in addressing the matters of inclusive education.

Against this background, ECOZI Director Innocent Chimonyo promised further engagements especially with the line Ministry to find a way forward in addressing matters that affect education of girls and their plight.

“There are quite a number of gaps with regards to issues that have been noted by different stakeholders. We now want to see them engaging the real players to interrogate into real issues. The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education will be now expected obviously to give its stand point