By Senior Court Reporter

Kenneth Sharpe’s Pokugara Properties never lost US$883.728 to Harare-based Property developer George Katsimberis as alleged, the shocking revelation was made in court by the firm’s former Managing Director.

In the matter before Harare Magistrate Vongai Guwuriro Muchuchuti, the firm had alleged that it had been prejudiced US$883.728.

This  emanates  from a botched joint venture agreement entered between Katsimberis and Sharpe sometime in 2016.

During cross examination by Katsimberis’ lawyer Tawanda Kanengoni, Michael John Van Blerk, Pokugara’s former Managing Director told the court that Sharpe’s Pokugara Properties was never predijuced US$883.728 by Harare based Land Developer.

“Counsel there was a time we were at risk but it didn’t materialise, the company thought that the accused person might register the property in his name, under the agreement Pokugara didn’t lose it’s land worth US$883.723,” said Van Blerk.

The defense attorney sought to find out how Pokugara arrived at the said amount when there was no predijuce.

Pokugara’s assertion was based upon assumptions rather than on facts of the matter, the court noted.

Kanengoni went on to ask “So it was Katsimberis who put money and the one who lost money is Mr Katsimberis? Van Blerk agreed to the question.

“My former boss didn’t say Pokugara Properties suffered a $883.728 prejudice but it was the State that said so, as Pokugara Properties we never suffered any prediduce but according to our accountants there was a potential predijuce at the time”, said Van Blerk.

The response was a slap in the face for Sharpe whose Pokugara Properties was said to have been prejudiced US$883.723.

Katsimberis was also the first to level malicious damage to property and perjury charges against his erstwhile partners Sharpe, Blerk, Pokugara Properties and the City of Harare for accepting his payments only to wriggle out of their joint venture business agreement.

Michael Reza prosecuted and the matter is set to resume on the 5th of July 2020 before the same magistrate.