By Tendai Guvamombe

“Our Father who art in Heaven. Let your ozone layer continue to shield us from the burning meteorites of the ultra violet radiation from which your only begotten stratosphere resides,” Mrs Chitunhu, an officer with Ozone Unit humbly makes a short but loud prayer in the midst of Environmental Scribes.

Instantly, seasoned journalist and renowned Editor with Zimbabwe’s largest daily paper – The Herald, Isdore Guvamombe interjects, making subtle objections to a prayer that sounded environmentally conscious but underpinned with energy efficiency.

“Gender balance we have achieved,  but we have been religiously incapacitated. Some of us are not Christians but we have a special way of asking God to protect our universal blanket from extinguishing in peril,” Isdore the Villager exclaimed from a far end. 

He sought to make a quick intervention to balance the prayer equation by doing it the traditional way; kneeling down before the ancestors of the Eland “Mhofu” totem pleading with them to protect Mother Earth from Hydrofloro Carbons.

Despite having penned dozens of climate change features, this writer even fell short on  articulating so well on the blanketory effect of the Ozone layer to the Mother Earth.

A learned colleague by the name Hymn Mureru, a communications officer with the Ministry of Information even made a sarcastic claim that his hair was dwindling in numbers due to double effects of global warming and ozone layer depletion, bringing everyone into a thunderous moment of laughter.

As the debate on pertaining who between Christ and ancestors has more devine presence to embolden the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to curb the smuggling of ozone depleting substances at the borders raged on, a gigantic man of the “Mhofu” Eland totem by the name George Chaumba entered the house.

As a well respected member of the Fourth Estate, his mere presence signalled the genesis of the Media Sensatization Workshop in Kadoma.

Notable dignitaries were from Standards Association of Zimbabwe (ZAS), Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and The Ministry of Energy and Power Development.

Every stakeholder had an obligation to expagorate before a clan of scribes on their contributions in curbing the smuggling and subsequent use of Ozone depleting substances.

This was after the media fraternity had converged in a similar setting at ZIPAMU Resort in Darwendale towards end of year 2021.

This time around, Mr Chaumba, the man of answers was now expected to pre-empt a number of interventions made by the Government of Zimbabwe with regards to the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and the Kigali Amendment on Ozone Depleting substances.

“As a country we are now at an advanced stage in terms of putting all sufficient mechanisms on the reduction of ozone depleting substances in line with the Montreal Protocol and Kigali Amendment.”

The engagement saw government officials and environmental scribes consenting to a bilateral approach anchored on conscientising the public on the health effects associated with Ozone depletion.
This includes eye cataracts, skin cancer and multiple other effects.

A massive media campaign is expected to take place towards the end of the year coinciding with the World Ozone Day.