By Liapeng Raliengoane(Maseru)

LESOTHO – Reverend Patience Msipa launched yet another book under her name titled “The power of a Balanced Woman” in Maseru, Lesotho last Saturday.
Present at the launch were delegates from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The Power of a Balanced Woman is her second book and comes right after the first one named Faith that cannot be denied.

Speaking at the launch, Rev. Msipa indicated that the Power of a Balanced Woman is a story of a life and is a book that seeks to address the imbalances which have affected the corporate women of Africa and possibly throughout the world.
Rev. Msipa specified that this book seeks to build a case for the practical execution of the various roles and demands allocated to the office and destiny of women.
“It helps all corporate women and all female leaders to navigate through the treacherous terrain of leadership. It looks through various case studies of women in scripture. Each woman was carefully chosen and their case was clearly broken down to give hope to all women. It is a practical manual for life, allowing ladies to go through their various responsibilities. Throughout this book I take the readers through such characters as Deborah, Jael, Esther, Rahab and many others to build a compelling case,” she revealed.

Rev. Msipa further disclosed that as has become her trademark, every page of this book is heavy with the evident presence of the Holy Spirit and promised the readers the sense of anointing that they felt while reading her first book but this time it will be at a whole new level. She opined that it is a must read for every ambitious woman.
She expressed gratitude to God Almighty for all the blessings in her life, for an opportunity to publish a second book just in a space of a few years from the first book’s release and to the endless support she gets from her family, congregation, friends and fellow readers.

Rev. Patience Msipa is the Senior Pastor and Co-Founder of House of Refuge Global Ministries in Lesotho and South Africa. She is also a visionary of Travailing in Prayer and Travailing in Prayer Conferences, a multi-faceted praying forum for ladies. She is a prolific Author and has published a best seller, “Faith that cannot be denied” alongside “The Power of a Balanced Woman”.

She has worked as an Administrator in third sector organizations and the Private Sector in Zimbabwe and Lesotho. She has qualifications in Accounting and Administration, as well as a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Ministry from the World Christian University. Rev. Msipa is also a certified Marriage Master Mentor, relationship Coach, Marriage Counsellor and Family Therapist and has been married to Dr. Ted Msipa for the past 29 years.

The launch of The Power of a Balanced Woman also coincided with her 50th Birthday Celebration.