By Staff Reporter

Stakeholders at the Gender, Disability and Inclusion Strategic Dialogue held by ECOZI on Tuesday in the Capital, called upon the Government to embed climate change in the current education curriculum.

This comes at a time when Climate Change vagaries continues  to bring more harm than good across societies. Stakeholders identified it as a phenomenon  that needs to be addressed in the context of gender, disability and Inclusion.

Speaking to this publication  Centre for Disability and Development(CDD) Coordinator Masimba Kachera expressed delight in seeing Climate Change being embedded in the current education curriculum.

“Climate change is a phenomenon that has brought more harm than good across societies. It  will be a good thing for the  government to open up the system for climate change education to be part of the curriculum,” he said.

According to  Plan International Gender and Social Inclusion Coordinator Michelle Gudo, having climate change aligned to the education system will unlock multiple opportunities for learners. Some of the opportunities comes with capacity building initiatives which an be furthered through education.

“The importance of having climate change action programmes linked to education sector presents opportunities for ensuring inclusive access to quality education for all. This can be done by strengthening capacity building programmes and other related initiatives that promotes issues around climate justice.”

Zimbabwe’s Climate Change programming has presented a number of opportunities in both climate change mitigation and adaptation. It has also been anticipated that the alignment of Climate change with the current education curriculum will be implemented in the context that addresses issues around gender, disability and Inclusion.