By Staff Reporter

It never rains for the Minister of Home Affairs and National Heritage Kazembe Kazembe whose current political outlook is in jeopardy due following the intensification of assault and violence on his critics.

Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) chairperson in Mashonaland Central province George Gwarada has come out open to condemn Kazembe Kazembe’s unfound thuggery political gimmicks. Kazembe is also ZANU PF chairperson for Mashonaland Central a province that has suffered a combination of disunity and disharmony under his reign.

This will not only affect his political career but that of ZANU PF Party that he represents.

According to Gwarada Kazembe has been reportedly grouping his party militia to attack opposition members and journalists who are not writing in his favour.

“One wonders whether Kazembe is a Minister or a gangster masquerading as Home Affairs Minister,” Gwarada said.

“This weekend Kazembe mobilized youths led by Emmerson Raradza from Muzarabani district who is their party chairman and attacked our Vice President Tendai Biti in Muzarabani and Mbire respectively.”

The CCC chairperson also castigated Kazembe’s visit at Alick Macheso’s show in the early hours of yesterday saying Kazembe is imposing himself on hungry citizens.

“By merely coming to Macheso’s show and chanting slogans in Mvurwi Kazembe is trying to impose himself and ZANU PF on hungry citizens who are fed up with these hooligans,” he said.

“It is not surprising that the majority of the people walked out of the show.”

“A fortnight ago he sent Isheanesu “Chief Saunyama” Dzimbiti to threaten Freelance journalist Simbarashe Sithole who was exposing corruption in his constituency Mazowe West that is illegal and such act should not be seen coming from a Home Affairs Minister.”

Meanwhile, Mashonaland Central is a ZANU PF stronghold but it is reportedly slowly weakening due to factional battles between Kazembe and ZANU PF politburo member Kenneth Musanhi.