By Staff Reporter

The court trial in which Welemu Masauso together with Douglas Ruzana are being accused of swindling  ZW$ 294 560 through card cloning from a bank account belonging to the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Legal and Parliamentary Services Virginia Mabhiza is set to appear on Monday.

The matter is before  Regional Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda.

The twist in the matters have seen Welemu Masauso(Second Accused) an employee with Bakers Inn being exonerate from the matter of card cloning.

Investigations into the matter revealed that Douglas Ruzana (First Accused), a money changer at Machipisa Shopping Centre unlawfully duplicated the Mabhiza’s bank card by means of cloning and fraudulently swiped a total of ZW$294 560 on Bakers Inn Point of Sale Machine.

The second accused is being represented by Tamutswa Muzana of the Tapera Muzana and Partners.

According to Outline of State Case

“The Complainant is Virginia Mabiza the Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. Accused[1] is a male adult employed by Bakers Inn as a driver/saleman.

On 14 February 2022 at around 1220 hrs the complaint received an sms notification from FBC to the effect that her FBC Bank account number 3027533770288 was debited with an amount of ZW$ 200 000. 00 in a Point of Sale purchase at Inscor Bakers. The complainant then approached the bank and caused the card in question to be blocked. She went through her bank statement she then realized that another transaction of ZW94 560.00 was affected on her account on 14 February 2022 and no sms alert was sent to her phone by the bank.

Investigations into the matter revealed that the first accused unlawfully duplicated the complainant’s bank card by means of cloning and fraudulently used the card to swipe a total of ZW$294 560.00 on Bakers Inn Sale Machine with the assistance of the second accused.

The swipe transition into Bakers Inn Point of Sale Machine was in exchange for US dollars. The accused persons were dealing in foreign currency on the parallel market in violation of the Exchange Control Act.

The complainant suffered prejudice in the sum of ZW$ 294 560.00 and nothing was recovered.”