By Staff Reporter

Media is a powerful institution that has a role to disseminate information to various corners of the society and it has been identified as an important stakeholder in promoting Zimbabwe as a tourist destination.

This came to light during a  press conference last Wednesday on the official announcement of Zimbabwe Tourism Authority’s incoming Chief Executive  Winnie Muchanyuka.

Zimbabwe’s Minister responsible for Tourism, Mangaliso Ndlohvu challenged the Tourism Sector to closely work with the local media in maximising the visibility of the country’s tourism . In his view media as the fourth arm can positively articulate Zimbabwe’s tourism.

“I urge the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority(ZTA) guys and Tourism players to closely work with the media. The media can help to articulate issues of tourism on a wider audience.”

Recently appointed Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Authority(ZTA) Chief Executive Winnie Muchanyuka also pledged to work with media in telling the true story of Zimbabwe’s Tourism.

“I am looking forward to work with the media to tell the true story of the Tourism of this country.”

The press conference drew the attention of tourism media personals from  print, broadcast and online media.