By Staff Reporter

Dr Sekuru Banda, the most richest and famous traditional healer has castigated the sale of toes by some individuals in Zimbabwe.

Dr Banda become the first traditional healer in Zimbabwe to rubbish the acts which he labels inhumane and ant social.

His remarks comes at a time when  President Mnangagwa  and some government officials recently  raised a red flag on the alleged sale of toes in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to this publication Sekuru Banda urged Zimbabweans to desist from the acts. He sited that the acts will affect the image of the country,  spiritual issues and human health. Urged people to work hard to earn a living despite economic hardships.

“I would like to urge people in Zimbabwe to desist from sacrificing their toes for economic gains. Zimbabwe is a country that has cultural norms and values and these should be respected and  observed. People should not be carried away by monetary gains. People should work hard inorder earn a living even during economic hardships.”

The most revered herbalist also called upon the Government to consider crafting new forms of legislation that speaks to the need to protect moral values and dignity in the country.

Africa’s Herbalist Dr Kamwelo Banda

“I would like to call upon our government to consider crafting new forms of legislation and polices that speaks to the need to protect human dignity and moral values so that national citizens are not found behaving in a deviant manner.”

Banda sees the current trend negatively affecting  the future generation and beyond. He also fears school dropouts indulging in the deviant acts inorder to find financial solutions.