By Tendai Guvamombe

HARARE-  “China is an all weather friend of Zimbabwe and as such we continue to enjoy the cordial relations in an unexplainable manner,” Former Minister of Tourism, Prisca Mupfumira exclaimed during the visit of 344 Chinese Tourists in 2019. 

The relations between the two nations have surpassed  framing  of he word cordial itself. Today there is more to reckon and reflect on the milestone achievements witnessed between Zimbabwe and China.

It is no longer about the diplomatic relations as much talk is now shifting towards the latest offerings emerging from the relations. 

A media engagement held in Harare recently with the Chinese Officials became a stepping stone in reveling a number of positive areas recorded so far.

The event was organized by Zimbabwe Union of Journalists(ZUJ) and was attended by journalists from print, broadcast and online media.

Areas of clarifications and emerging issues were tabled before local scribes.

Members of the media had an opportunity to have an interface with Zhou an official with Zimbabwe-China Investments forum.

A number of corporations ranging from energy investments, transport, resilient infrastructure and building have been able to transform Zimbabwe’s sectors.

According to a Local Media Expert Tawanda Majoni, the China-Zim Corporations created a number of opportunities for the country.

“Looking at the relations between China and Zimbabwe, the most important thing is to look at a number of investments offered by the Chinese Investments forums in the country.”

“Though I might fell short on the actual figures in terms of investments growth but I can tell that a lot has happened in terms of infrastructure development, multi million corporations, energy investments and many others.”

Currently, the Chinese Investment forums are now working on accelerating investment growth in the tourism sector.

“We have huge plans to offer new platforms that continues to accelerate tourism investments for Zimbabwe,” African Empire Group chairperson Steve Ke Zhao said.

Zimbabwe’s Union of Journalists(ZUJ) President Michael Chideme challenged Mr Zhao to embark on media tours to various places where  Chinese initiatives are taking place in the country.

“The media has a role to disseminate information in the society. I urge the Chinese Investments forums to initiate media tours so that local journalists can visit various places where Chinese initiatives are taking place.”

The media collaborations are also expected to tell the true story of Chinese Investments in Zimbabwe. This will also help debunk bad publicity and falsehoods peddled on social media corridors.