By Staff Reporter

Tafadzwa Mukandi the aspiring Councilor for Chivhu Urban Ward 10 has called upon the need to delay the phase out of farm bricks which the local authorities has since phase out amid situations on the need to ensure a resilience infrastructure.

The youthful, Mukandi’s sentiments went a long way in advocating for the survival of youth related empowerment projects inline with the policy of devolution.

Speaking to this publication last week, Mukandi said while he appreciate the move to phase out the farm bricks , the newest policy had its own major setbacks on those youths currently parking in empowerment economic activities.

“The policy to phase out farm bricks  should be  deferred to allow youths empowerment projects to go on. The phase out is a major blow to the local youths who had find an opportunity inline with the policy of devolution.”

He added that, if the youths are to be given another chance, they will have to also ensure quality assurance in their brick moulding processes.

“If the youths are to be given another chance it will be good for them to also ensure issues to do with producing a quality product that will be comparative on the market.”

The phase out of farm brick has since the laws favouring concrete bricks which are expensive for the local youths to venture  into.

Amid all this, a Chinese firm has already made inroads in establishing a brick laying company in Chivhu in a scenario that has downplayed market related issues for the local youths.

Mukandi is vying for Councillorship in Chivhu under the ZANU PF’s ticket.